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  • Backup directly to the cloud (Azure, AWS, etc)

  • No spool space required

  • Can directly restore to devices/partitions "bare metal recovery"

  • Can restore as virtual disk files (.vmdk)


  • Fast, bandwidth-efficient backups

  • Back up entire disk images

  • Back up individual drives or partitions

  • Direct backup to cloud

  • Include unused sectors for forensic backups or exclude for space efficiency

  • Incremental and scheduled backups

  • Back up to your own storage locations

  • Temporary spool space not required.



  • Restores the selected disk or partition back to the same device

  • Rebuild partitions to exact target size

  • Restore as virtual disk files (.vmdk)

  • Restore VMDK disk images to individual spooled files

  • Restore to local virtual machine

  • Restore to cloud server

  • USB recovery media for bare metal restores.



  • User prompts when drive partition structure changes

  • Use web server console to edit disk or partition selections

  • Crash consistent partition backup

  • Secure encryption during backup, transit and at rest

  • Delete unused disk space in backup image

  • Backup/Restore job logs

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