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Why use our Cloud Backup?

Process Automation

It is possible to configure the backup routine so that it occurs at alternative times and does not impact the use of internet bandwidth, interfering with the progress of the company's services.

It is also possible for the tool to monitor and generate notifications in case of any failure or abnormality, considerably reducing human intervention in the process.

remote management

All routine management and operation can be done remotely, through the tool's panel with total security. All you need is an internet connection and through any device it is possible to interact with the backup platform, and it is even possible to perform recoveries in different environments from the original.

cost vs benefit

By contracting a specialized cloud backup service, your company will only pay for the demand used, that is, with volume growth, it is not necessary to purchase new hardware or device. In specific demands where the company needs a greater capacity for a certain period, it is possible to contract the capacity temporarily.

Deployment agility

Unlike local backups that require devices such as disks, tapes and specific hardware, cloud backup will be immediately available when contracted. In this way, access to the internet is enough for the administrator to start the configuration and operationalization process.

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