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Our story

SafetyOnCloud was born from the need to serve the customers of Freestore Sistemas, an outsourced IT Service Management company, which has always provided its customers with the management of their Information Technology infrastructures, the backup of their data.

Freestore used Open Source solutions for that purpose, which despite being excellent lacked some features.

After extensive research and testing of the most different types of technologies and methods, we arrived at the methodology that met all our customers' needs.

The resulting product was so good that we founded SafetyOnCloud, the best enterprise backup solution on the market.

Glass Buildings
Glass Buildings


​To be the best provider of backup solutions in the World, giving our customers the peace of mind that their data will always be safe and available, protecting them from data loss and the damage that this loss causes the companies.

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With each of our clients, we will build our reputation as a serious, competent and responsible company. This reputation is and will always be under construction, and based on it we will become a great company.

Above the Clouds
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