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Protect your critical data today
Back up online with security and peace of mind!
Count on SafetyOnCloud services.

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  • Radically simple end-to-end automation

  • Full and Accurate Office 365 Backup

  • Access control and security

  • Enterprise grade and scalable to up to 100,000 accounts

  • Smart ransomware protection

  • No backup failures

  • Fully automated, end-to-end protection of distributed Kubernetes applications

  • Full backup of all K8s application elements and metadata.
    Automated recovery of entire clusters or application components.
    Integration with leading container orchestration platforms.

Virtualization Servers

  • Citrix Hypervisor

  • Huawei FusionCompute

  • KVM

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Nutanix Acropolis AHV

  • OpenNebula

  • OpenShift Virtualization

  • OpenStack

  • Oracle Linux VM

  • Oracle VM

  • oVirt

  • Proxmox VE

  • Red Hat Virtualization

  • Scale Computing Platform

  • Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure

  • VMware

  • XCP-ng

  • XEN


Discover the main features



We work with a first level data center in the USA, which gives us all the guarantees of quality and operation with a 99.9999% service guarantee


We use data centers with security and redundancy certified in SOC-2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS rules. This being what the main data center is in the eastern United States of America. Since the files are stored encrypted, which makes it impossible to access them without the password created by the user.

Armários com chaves
Arquivos organizados


The policy allows to keep several versions of the same file, which can be:. The last n backups. The backups in the last days, weeks or months. All newer backups from a specific date. A daily backup for the last n days, weeks or months


Our team and the people indicated by the client will receive detailed reports whenever the backup tool is activated. The activation can be done directly on the computer where the tool is installed, by the customer via the web, or by our team. Whenever the report indicates a problem, our team can take action to make the correction, depending of course on what has been defined in the contract.

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Billing by volume of stored data, with retention policies defined by the customer.


Jean Manoel Silvano.jpeg

Jean Manuel Silvano

Supervisor  from you

Perfimec SA

The tool brought us the peace of mind we've been looking for for some time.

With easy handling and automatic reporting, we can make sure our data is always safe.

Data recovery is very simple, and with a few clicks we have our files always at hand.

Always attentive and effective support helps us whenever necessary.

With safety on cloud, we finally comply with our backup policy!


Monica Pontes
IT Analyst
Schrank Engineering

I would like to thank you for all the partnership and attention.

The company has always served us with agility, featuring one of the positive points, acting with promptness and dedication,  making our requests always resolved at short notice.

We receive daily information regarding the backup, and when it is not performed, the support will contact you immediately and verify the reason, and perform the same as soon as possible, this brings us a lot of security and peace of mind.

The implemented system meets perfectly, it was also a great option in terms of cost-effectiveness, and has permanent support.  

For these and many other reasons of competence, I sign this testimony about the service provided, which is excellent.


Leopoldo Joao Kayser Neto

We are experiencing a time when all digital information, both personal and corporate, is of enormous importance. Therefore, it must be very well stored, in a safe and easy-to-manage environment.

All Kayser systems have a backup file generation routine, which can be configured to generate a backup copy at a certain time of day and also direct the path where the file should be saved. However, if this file is being stored in an unsecured location, there is a risk of losing information, such as in the case of a HD crash, computer theft or even formatting without due care, among others.

Taking all this into account, we reinforce to all our customers a special attention to the matter.
There are solutions on the market aimed at storing digital content on cloud servers, with end-to-end encrypted information transit, guaranteeing security and reliability to the process.

Kayser uses and recommends partner company SafetyOnCloud. They offer personalized backup services, which allow the customer to choose plans that best suit their reality. For more information about the plans and prices, visit the website and contact them directly through the service channels on the website.

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who we are

Cloud Backup Services Company for Companies, headquartered in Curitiba/PR, with nationwide coverage



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