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Most Complete Kubernetes Backup

  • Protect all major clouds and K8s distributives in a single UI, with cross-cluster restore, replication and migration capabilities

  • Full-fidelity backup and recovery of all K8s components

  • Restore entire application or only some of its components, to the same or a different cluster with automatic re-configuration

  • Fast Google-like full-text search across all backup contents helps find recovery points or data items you need to restore


Cloud-native Deployment Options

  • Deploy SafetyOnCloud Backup as an app to protect your isolated Kubernetes environment, with no need to connect to Internet

  • Use SafetyOnCloud cloud-hosted backup service to consolidate backup management of multiple clusters / clouds

  • Backup to your on-premise storage devices, cloud S3 or use SafetyOnCloud-managed secure cloud storage

  • SafetyOnCloud cloud-native architecture is designed to seamlessly scale to 100,000s of nodes and petabytes of protected data.

AI-enabled Automation and Resiliency

  • SafetyOnCloud leverages AI to map protected app components, delivering application-aware consistent and complete backup

  • Ready to use application consitency blueprints and pre/post configuration scripts for the most common wordkloads

  • SafetyOnCloud anti-ransomware engine monitors changes and detects data encryption patterns specific to cyber attacks

  • If ransomware is detected SafetyOnCloud alerts administrators and automatically performs preemptive backups to limit impact from the attack

  • Auto-labelling of recovery points helps highlight the last clean backup versions unaffected by ransomware, accelerating the recovery

CLI and Integration with DevOps Systems

  • SafetyOnCloud provides Command Line Interface (CLI) and a powerful API

  • Easily integrate SafetyOnCloud with infrastructure management tools, including Terraform, Circle CI and Jenkins

  • Use SafetyOnCloud backup data versioning and anonymization to replicate data to staging environments

  • Use incremental replication to only update changes from the last version, accelerating application testing cycle

Access Control and Security

  • SafetyOnCloud uses OpenID, Cloud IAM (Azure, GCP, AWS) and Okta to authenticate users and help manage access permissions

  • Detailed audit log with WAN IP addresses, session details, Admin actions and system events

  • Create custom backup operator roles for DevOps team members, enabling restore operations with limited data access rights

  • Enable self-service for end-users to let them recover lost items themselves

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