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Most Complete Google Workspace Backup


  • Flexible point-in-time restoration, high-frequency snapshots and unlimited retention

  • Back up Google Workspace data with 100% fidelity, including drive (shared) document IDs, access permissions, and nested Gmail labels

  • Find keywords and phrases in Google Workspace email backups using Gmail's SafetyOnCloud full-text search

  • Instant offline export (direct download) of individual items or complete accounts

Smart ransomware protection

  • Early detection of ransomware attacks with instant administrator email notifications

  • Instant preemptive backups help preserve Google Workspace data when ransomware strikes

  • Automatic labeling of recovery points to define the last clean snapshot unaffected by attacks

  • Immutable backup storage - previous recovery points cannot be affected by cyber-attacks


No backup failures


  • Intelligent Google Workspace API error handling (4xx, 5xx), prediction engine to avoid Google Workspace API call limit

  • Parallel execution, automatic rescheduling, reconfiguration and retries of problematic backup runs

  • Instant email alerts for admins plus regular status updates configurable via email


Radically simple end-to-end automation


  • SafetyOnCloud automatically manages backup schedules based on protection levels (SLAs) assigned by the administrator for OUs or individual users.

  • New Google Workspace users and drives are automatically discovered and protected

  • Shared drives or users deleted from the Google Workspace account are automatically archived and available for restoration and export at any time


Access control and security


  • Access for Google Workspace Super Admins to user backup data can be configured, restricted, or disabled

  • Detailed audit log with WAN IP addresses, session details, admin actions and system events

  • Create custom backup operator roles for support staff, enabling restore operations without data access rights

  • Enable self-service for end users to allow them to retrieve lost items


Key Backup Features for Google Workspace


automated backups

Fully automated backup runs regularly, resilient to Google API errors


Flexible Restoration

Restore data to same/other accounts, locally or to a new folder


Instant offline export

Instant export of Google Workspace backup data in pst, docx and other native formats

2FA Authentication

Native Google 2FA support for Google Workspace admins and users

storage locations

Select a SafetyOnCloud backup storage region or connect your own cloud storage


AI based automation

SafetyOnCloud uses AI to automate backup and reduce the time it takes to manage it


Version control

Search and restore any previous version of Google Workspace data with no time limit


self service

Configure end user access to allow them to restore lost items.



Data at rest is encrypted with AES256 and TLS 1.2 for data in transit.

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