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Protect all versions of Hyper-V running on Windows Server, including Windows Server 2016. Backing up a Hyper-V virtual machine with SafetyOnCloud includes but is not limited to:


  • the configuration file

  • All connected virtual drives

  • The contents of memory (if the machine was running)

  • The full tree of saved checkpoints

Back up and restore your Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine. Protect all versions of Hyper-V running on Windows Server, including Windows Server 2021. Restore data quickly with fast, easy recovery.


VSS-Aware Backup of Guest VMs

Deduplicated storage of multiple snapshots

Remotely browse and select VMs from the web


Key features to secure your Microsoft Hyper-V VM


backup features


  • Select and backup all virtual or individual machines

  • Install SafetyOnCloud agent on a Hyper-V host machine to backup all your Hyper-V guests at once

  • Integration with Hyper-V VSS Writer to perform a Hyper-V backup snapshot

  • Support for in-VM quiescence on supported guest operating systems

  • Back up the primary or replica host virtual machine when using Hyper-V Replication

  • Data deduplication for fast, bandwidth-efficient backups


Restoration Resources


  • Restore to a local machine, virtual machine or cloud storage provider of your choice

  • Search for a specific item in all past backup jobs

  • Restore single or multiple items

  • Restore to similar or dissimilar hardware

  • Restore files back to the same machine or to a different device

  • Restore the VM's running state

  • Restore generation 1 and generation 2 VMs to any supported version of Hyper-V server


management resources


  • Military-grade secure encryption during backup, transit, and rest

  • Live connection between server and agent to remotely browse and select virtual machines for backup

  • flexible scheduling

  • Backup/Restore job logs and custom email reports

  • Select from 9 customizable retention range policies

  • Customize pre and post commands

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant

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