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Easily protect files/folders on Windows, Linux and MacOS with the added benefits of setting for: 


  • Custom Settings 

  • Custom Exclusions 

  • Custom retention 

  • Configuring backups remotely from your server

Fast and secure backup for


  • Windows Files/Folders

  • Linux Files/Folders

  • macOS Files/Folders


Incremental backups forever

Default file paths for quick selections

Configure backups remotely from the web


Key features to protect your data


backup features


  • Back up individual files or entire folders on Windows, Linux and macOS

  • One-click adds to Windows desktop, documents folder, and more

  • skip unchanged files

  • Backup files that are open or in use, using VSS to take a point-in-time snapshot

  • Direct backups to the cloud

  • Incremental backup technology enables cost-effective storage savings

  • Client side encryption


Restoration Resources


  • Search for a specific item in all past backup jobs

  • Restore single or multiple items

  • Restore as separate or compressed .zip or .tar.gz files

  • Restore files back to the same machine or to a different device

  • Highly efficient restore process that downloads only the file pieces needed for optimal assembly

  • Restore any previous version of any file, according to your configured retention policy


management features


  • Include/exclude filters including regular expressions

  • Default file paths for quick selections

  • Automatic warnings for EFS encrypted files

  • Remotely browse and select customer files for backup via a live connection between the agent and the web

  • Backup/Restore job logs and custom email reports

  • Select from 9 customizable retention range policies

  • Customize pre and post commands

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