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Secure MongoDB databases without requiring additional spool space. 

This allows you to back up:


Self-hosted MongoDB server software

  • MongoDB Community Server

  • MongoDB Enterprise Server

  • TokuMX/Percona Server for Mongo


MongoDB services hosted in the cloud (SaaS)


  • MongoDB Atlas

  • Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB Compatibility

  • Azure CosmosDB API for MongoDB

  • Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB


Backing up and restoring MongoDB databases


Secure MongoDB databases and MongoDB services hosted in the cloud (SaaS) without the need for additional spool space. Restore data quickly with fast and easy recovery.


No temporary disk space required

Restore directly to MongoDB server

Automatic tool discovery for simplified configuration


Key features to secure your MongoDB databases


backup features


  • Direct connection with or without an SSH tunnel and replica set

  • Support for simple transport layers and SSL (TLS)

  • No temporary disk space required

  • Content is streamed directly from the MongoDB server using deduplication

  • Compatible with MongoDB forks, variants and cloud services

  • Option to back up a fragmented MongoDB cluster


Restoration Resources


  • Each MongoDB protected item type produces a .bson file for the selected MongoDB database

  • Restore back to a .bson file on disk, then import into MongoDB server

  • Option to use program input restore type to pipe restored data directly to your MongoDB server

  • Restore to a local machine, virtual machine or cloud storage provider of your choice

  • Restore to any version of MongoDB

  • Restore files back to the same machine or to a different device


management resources


  • Automatic check to find and use the latest available binary

  • Use the version of mongodump installed on the system for the best compatibility match

  • Option to override the detected binary path and use a custom mongodump and mongo shell binary

  • Military-grade secure encryption during backup, transit, and rest

  • Live connection between server and agent to update file selections

  • Flexible scheduling, backup/restore job logs and custom email reports

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