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Secure MySQL databases:

  • Supports Oracle MySQL and compatible servers such as MariaDB and Percona Server

  • No spool space required

Backup and restore your MySQL databases


Secure MySQL databases on supported servers such as MariaDB and Percona Servers. Restore data quickly with fast and easy recovery.


No temporary disk space required

Compatible with MariaDB, Percona and TiDB servers

You can remotely browse web databases


Key features to secure your MySQL databases


backup features


  • Support for backing up single or multiple MySQL databases

  • No temporary disk space is required, even for a direct cloud backup

  • Point-in-time consistency per database

  • Full database export by default, with fast and efficient data deduplication to optimize bandwidth and storage space

  • Support for configuring SSL/TLS parameters to secure TCP MySQL connection

  • Back up to your own storage locations


Restoration Resources


  • Restores tables, indexes, foreign keys, stored procedures and other MySQL data types in any supported MySQL version via logical statements

  • Restore as *.sql dump files or stream back to MySQL directly using "Program Entry" restore option

  • System databases such as information_schema or performance_schema can be restored as local files

  • Restore from any previous backup snapshot up to your configured retention policy


management features


  • Connect to the MySQL server over TCP, using an IP address and port

  • Live browse your MySQL databases from the SafetyOnCloud Server web interface

  • Custom transactional isolation options for MyISAM, InnoDB and other MySQL storage engines

  • flexible scheduling

  • Backup/Restore job logs and custom email reports

  • Customize pre and post commands

  • Military-grade secure encryption during backup, transit, and rest

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