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You can use the default Protected Item Type "Program Exit" as an integration point to back up a variety of different programs, including:


  • Percona Server

  • Interbase XE7

  • PostgreSQL

  • firebird

  • CockroachDB

  • CouchDB

  • Rethink DB

  • neo4j

  • docker

  • wordpress

  • Proxmox LV

  • OpenVZ

  • Materialize DB

  • And more!

Keeps your data safe. Protect a variety of different programs. Restore data quickly with fast and easy recovery.


Incremental backups forever

Restore from a virtual file within the backup job

Remotely browse live from the web interface


Key features to secure your MongoDB databases


backup features


  • Support for backup of various types of software programs

  • Backup the stdout stream (standard output) of any command execution

  • Capture consistent, point-in-time snapshots from supported application software

  • Fast and efficient data deduplication to optimize bandwidth and storage space

  • Back up to your own storage locations


Restoration Resources


  • Restore from any previous backup snapshot up to your configured retention policy

  • Data is saved as a virtual file in the backup job

  • Ability to choose any filename for the resulting virtual file

  • Restore as file or stream back to another program, with restore type "Program Entry" / stdin


management resources


  • Live browse the endpoint from the SafetyOnCloud Server web interface

  • Military-grade secure encryption during backup, transit, and rest

  • flexible scheduling

  • Backup/Restore job logs

  • Custom email report

  • Customize pre and post commands

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