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Secure SQL Server 2005 and higher, including SQL Server 2019.

Back up and restore your Microsoft SQL Server. Protect SQL Server 2005 through SQL Server 2019. Restore data quickly with fast, easy recovery.


No temporary disk space required

Compatible with SQL Server 2005 and later

Remotely browse web databases


Key Features to Secure Your Microsoft SQL Server


backup features


  • Temporary spool space not required

  • Support for backing up multiple instances of SQL Server

  • Available instances automatically listed for selection

  • Full database export by default, with fast and efficient data deduplication to optimize bandwidth and storage space

  • Option to perform incremental, differential, and log-based backups with configurable log truncation

  • Back up to your own storage locations


Restoration Resources


  • Restore on the same or another SQL Server

  • Restore from any previous backup snapshot up to your configured retention policy

  • Restore file format can be imported with industry standard tools such as SQL Server Management Studio

  • Supports SIMPLE recovery mode for fast recovery using incremental chunks generated by SafetyOnCloud

  • Supports FULL recovery mode for point-in-time record recovery, using MSSQL generated increments or differential increments


management resources


  • Connect to the server using Windows authentication or native SQL Server authentication

  • Live browse your SQL databases from the SafetyOnCloud Server web interface

  • Instant credential validations using the 'Test Connection' feature

  • Military-grade secure encryption during backup, transit, and rest

  • flexible scheduling

  • Backup/Restore job logs and custom email reports

  • Customize pre and post commands

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